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Andy Jouan

Having grown up on the island of Jersey and very much being part of the beach and music culture on the island, my love of  nature has influenced me as I look to express our connection with the "whole" as I use abstract art and music to encourage the viewer/listener to meet “The Observer”  rather than distract them with a specific focus within the work itself.

I moved to London in 2009 and in 2013
I attended classes held by artist Nick Malone in his studio
where I soon found a hidden talent to express myself through my art, he encouraged me to study the likes of Bacon, Dali and Kandinsky as well as Turner but hope I am very much expressing my own style in my work.


Working  mostly now with Acrylic on Canvas I enjoy connecting directly with the art where ever possible by painting with my hands, the connection of self with the paint and canvas I feel brings out the depth of work I am trying to express, of course brushes, sponges and cloths all come into creating a piece too.​



2013 - London Art Classes with Artist 

              Nick Malone

Grants & Awards 

2015 - Akademia Music Awards 2015.

              Best EP Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Exhibitions & Festivals

2015 - New Artist Fair - London.

2016 - New Artist Fair - London.

              The Clarence Mayfair

               (Private Showing)

2017 -  Chester Arts Fair

2018 -  Bournemouth Gardens Artists Gallery

               Bournemouth Arts Fringe

               The Factory Studios (Open Studios)

               Brick Lane Gallery - London

2020 - Espacio Gallery - London

2021 - Arthub Studios - Online First Wave

              Arthub Studios - London

              (Open Studios)

2022 - FTSQ Gallery (Pop-Up) London

              Cock & Bottle, Notting Hill, London

               (Ongoing Exhibition Space)

2023 -  Cock & Bottle, Notting Hill, London

               (Ongoing Exhibition Space)

              Thames-Side Studios



2018 - Home & Gardens.

2018 - Chelsea Life

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